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UHF RFID Long Distance Reader
SUR-800:Main Reader
SUR-800A: Sub-antenna set (optional)
Proximity lable (optional) :Thin card (SC-60) / Lamp type (SC-60L) / Window type (SC-60G)

Integrated linearly polarized antenna design, an external set of antenna is able to connect to enhance its proximity range.
A set of external trigger proximity contact to connect with ground sensing coil or infra-red.
Stable read distance up to 5~8m (according to type of card and environment), proximity card as passive (no batteries necessary).
Waterproof design, LED display and buzzer available.
Double-coated rust-proof treatment (painted and galvanized), stainless steel screws, outer case is made of UV resistance material.
Adjustable frequency range and sensitivity (available to purchase), wiegand 26 or 34 bit data output available.
Protocol : EPC Class 1 GEN2 / ISO 18000-6C
Power Supply: DC 12V/ 2A
Frequency range:US: 902~928 MHz / EU: 865~869 MHz
Environment: Temperature 0-60?,humidity of 10-85%
Dimensions: 315 (L) X 235 (W) X66 (H) mm
Weight: 2100g (net weight) / 2600g ( gross weight)