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Professional Time And Attendance
ST-6000:EM format (125KHz)
ST-6000M:Mifare format (13.56MHz)
ST-6000MF: Mifare SOCA format (13.56MHz)
1. SOCA format has special encryption for higher security and it is incompatible with other formats.
2. Optional LED Display Board function as custom-mode product. Please advise the manufacturer if the function is required.

Invalid continuous card proximity within 1 minute (time adjustable).
Ultra-wide industrial STN 128 x 64 LCD backlights display which shows card number and user name simultaneously.
Ring to set for automatic time announcement; up to 40 time frames to set.
Automatic work shift switching. 40 work shifts available to set On Duty, Off Duty, Overtime On Duty, Overtime Off Duty, Out, Back, and Others (7 self-setting buttons).
Built in access control function which has an output of RELAY and to identify validation of the card.
Maximum of 10,000 card enrollment.
Parameter and time adjustment setting can be done with a master card.
Maximum of transmission rate up to 19200 bps which is adjustable by user.
Electricity supplies by internal battery and therefore all data in the internal memory will not by lost and system timer can be operated in normal state when power cut occurred.
Beep sound occurs when entering with card. And set of Relay to connect with speaker to increase user’s awareness at outdoor.
STR-100 receive, connect and set make report of all data and user can set any format of file for use with any other software.
Backlight 16 (4×4) luminous stainless steel keypads included 4 function keys and 3 LED lights (Red: POWER, Green: OK, Yellow: DENY).
Maximum proximity distance: 15cm (125KHz), 5cm (13.56MHz) (depending on types of card).
Saving up to 25,000 records of data when it is standalone.
Alarm will be activated when it is being tampered.
Built-in RS-232 and RS-485 communication interface. Built-in or external TCP/IP (optional) to connect with Time and Attendance for distant data transmitting and receiving control.
Power consumption: 250mA (standby); 300mA (operation)
Operation temperature: 0~60? ; Humidity: 85%Rh Max.
Frequency: 125 KHz or 13.56MHz.
Dimension: 175(L) x130(W) x 40(H) (mm)