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Basic Time And Attendance
ST-680T:EM format (125KHz)
ST-680TM:Mifare format (13.56MHz)
ST-680TMF:Mifare SOCA format (13.56MHz)
Note:SOCA format has special encryption for higher security and it is incompatible with other formats.

Ultra-wide industrial STN 144 x 32 LCD backlights display which shows card number and user name simultaneously.
Built-in interface of RS-232 and RS-485. Optional of external connection of TCP/IP to link with Time And Attendance for online data transmitting or receiving control.
Capacity of the memory: Maximum 8800 records (10-digit card number) to save when Time And Attendance is operating.
Invalid continuous card proximity within 1 minute (time adjustable) to prevent error proximity and save memory space.
Ring to set for automatic time announcement; up to 40 time frames to set.
>Special multi-work design. The reader is able to function while transmitting data back to the computer to prevent queuing.
12 (2×6) stainless steel keypads include 12 number keys (with *#) and 4 LED indicator lights (Red: POWER, Green: OK, Yellow 1: IN, Yellow 2: OUT).
Special circuit design to prevent loss of data of internal memory and system timer is able to operate in normal state when power cut occurred. Storage of data up to 1 year when power cut occurred.
Built-in access control function to detect valid and invalid cards.
Maximum enrollment of 1000 card numbers and user names.
User is able to set parameter of Time And Attendance and time correction when it is standalone.
Maximum transmission rate up to 9600 bps.
BEEP sound to indicate valid card. A set of RELAY is available to connect with large indicator light or speaker to enhance its identification capacity when it is at noisy environment.
With an attached data receiving software which has built-in receiving (timer), converting and attendance report. User can set format of text file output in order to combine with any other attendance software.
Frequency: 125KHz or 13.56MHz. Power supply: 12VDC?10%
Maximum proximity distance: 15cm (125KHz), 5cm (13.56MHz) (depending on types of card).
Power consumption: 180mA (standby); 210mA (operation)
Operation temperature: 0~60? ; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
Dimensions: 160 (L) x 100 (W) x 30 (H) (mm)
Certification: CE