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Economy Series
ST-980: as EM-Marin format (125KHz)

Long slim feature and fit for 43mm door frame.
Polycarbonate fireproof material for casing (white or dark-gray) , durable buttons.
Water proof design (except Relay panel) It is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.
LED indicator. It shows reader’s status( Open door, error, setting modes, and etc.)
When connecting with computer , it can be used for data inquiry and function setting simultaneously . (Door open/close, activate alarm system, etc). It can also operate solely to manage access control.
Function setting can be done by computer or reader itself. (Single registration or deletion, door open time, etc).
The capacity data input/output can reach up to 4,500 by single reader operation . When linking with computer, its data input/output capacity is unlimited.
Main reader has 2,000 card registrations capability. Each card is able to do self-setting for personal password and effective in/out time.
Main reader has 48 units of time zone. Each time zone unit also has 5 time ranges for user to set.
Internal batteries will provide power supply when power cut occurred to prevent any data from being erased and system time can operate as normal. (Valid power of the internal batteries is approximately 3 months according to the length of time of power cut.)
Main reader access control’s range: Card number?Password?Time zone?Special holidays?Error control.
Detection range: Unit is being tampered, door is opened illegally, door is not closed within time set, under duress and push button door open.
Door open methods: proximity, proximity and password, push button, door open by the computer’s command and special system password.
Power consumption: Stand-by 140mA; Operation 180mA
Maximum proximity distance: 7cm(125KHz), (depending on types of card)
Frequency: 125KHz. Power supply: DC 12V.
Operation environment: Temperature 0~60? ; Humidity: 85%Rh max.
Dimenisions: 135(L) X 43(W) X 25(H) (mm)
Weight: 210g
Certification: CE