SDT 242 DC

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Functions & Features
“1.DC permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), servo control.
2.Superior performance, equivalent to CNC machine control motor and electric vehicle motor.
3.Three-extension spring crank, for more stable and reliable structure. (patented technology)
4.Scientifically balanced design with special material springs for better balance and free maintenance.
5.Free limit design, accurate encoder detection, detecting boom position when power on.
6.Electronic clutch device;running manually after opening electronic clutch devise when power off. Boom available to be locked at any position after clutch devise closed. (patented technology)
7.Safety device design avoid boom failing down caused from suddenly power off or spring break or fatigue.
8.High-performance servo motor, giving out extremely less heat, continuous running without halt.
9.More sensitive and reacting faster when reversing on obstacles;
10.High-strength special steel mechanical components for high stability, and long service life.
11.Humanized operation:LCD display ,to set running time, motor speed, boom length, counting, auto-reversing sensitivity level, power-on and power-off time.
12.Available for Network port, 485 communication, radar, loop detector and more secondary development”