SDT 241 DC-N

2019-05-03T15:26:51+00:00พฤษภาคม 3rd, 2019|GATE BARRIER|

1.Adopiting DC permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM) and servo control technology.
2.Bi-directional boom holder design : RIGHT and LEFT can be switched easily.
3.Reasonble balance design makes less dependence on spring and more easier adjustment and less maintenance.
4.No limit switch degin: the moter will auto detect the boom position when power on.
5.Manual clutch device: when power off,users are free to operate the boom manually;the boom can be locked in any place by turning the clutch wheel handle to specific postiton.
6.Doble spring crank transmission design makes the whole structure more stable and reliable.
7.Reversing on obstacle and the sensitivity is adjustable.
8.Auto-closung function and counting function for improving traffie efficiency.
9.Infrarared photocell and Loop detector interfaces are available.
10.Panel display and digital tube code display for easier operation.
11.Integrated RS485 communication module for computer control.
12.RJ45 network module available.