Etac 450S

2020-04-23T10:56:12+00:00เมษายน 23rd, 2020|Autodoor Sliding|
Single Door 450S
Door Weight 120 KGM
Door Width 800-1800mm
Aluminum Box Width 1600-6300mm
Door Open Speed 200-500mm/sec , Adjustible
Door Close Speed 200-400mm/sec, Adjustible
Door Open Time Interval The door will be closed within 1~9 seconds after opened in the stable state, adjustable.
Control Panel 8-bits Micro-controller based system.
Motor Brushleww DC Mortor, 24V dc, 45 Watt
Power Consumption 55 watt 100~260 Vac
Power Input AC 110/220V 50/60 Hz
Operating Procedure AC -> ON -> Open door in slow speed (detected by CPU) Slow speed to halt (door open state)Door close action -> Quick to close door -> Braking -> Moving in slow speed -> Moving -> Keep in close( Door in closed state )
The driving device of Brushless DC Motor performs the feature as follows:

1. Optical rule for distance measuring.
2. Stable rotating torque.
3. Stable rotating speed.
4. Heavy duty.
5. High efficiency without thermal problem.
6. High starting torque increasing open or close speed.
7. Easy to get through the door.
8. With overload protecting device to prevent sliding formard inadvance.

Driving Pulley:

The Driving Terminal of Guiding Belt is used to adjust the tension of the belt, and the Driving pulley base adopts vertical stand fixed with under the aluminum box to prevent door shaking aused by belt.

complete set for single automatic door.