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PC-30 is very compact size, self contained access control module including the necessary antenna, relay and VR which could be served as a standalone, contactless access controller with the abilities of Add by learning maximum 1,000 cards as legal cards for access with variable door releasing time adjusted by rotational volume resistor. It can set some specific card as master card to Add, Delete single card as well as delete all cards by master card programming.


1. Small size of 40mm diameter with 30.2mm length for easy installation.

2. With 1,000 card capacity to be Added, Deleted and Cleared All by master card programming.

3. With inherent form A relay to offer dry contact output.

4. Adjustable releasing timer by VR ( rotation variable resistor) from 0.5~100 seconds.

5. Parameters programming by master card, no need a PC or terminal operation.

6. With 3 colours LED and buzzer for programming & access indications.

7. Water proof for flush mounting.