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The TCP/IP parking controller is with 32-bit ARM core processor; Embedded real-time operating system(RTOS); Standard TCP/IP network interface

Function Features
1) Industrial standard design;
2) 32-bit ARM core processor
3) Embedded real-time operating system(RTOS)
4) Low power consumption, wide temperature range
5) Lighting protection, resistance to electromagnetic interference design
6) Standard TCP/IP network interface;
7) High precision clock, can network real-time calibration
8) Can connect two IC card and two ID card readers
9) Serial support transparent transmission
10) 4 relay output,4 road photoelectric isolation input
11) Multiple simulation A/D input interface
12) Multiple TTL level input/output interface
13) Special card dispenser/collector interface
14) Built-in language power amplifier module that can be connected directly horn
15) Special Barriers/Channel Barriers interface
16) Tens of thousands of card information can be stored
17) Can store 60,000 pcs off-line records
18) Operation is simple and easy to use
19) Maintenance is simple and cost is low
20) Easy to integration, development cycle close to zero
21) Provide SDK documentation
22) Provide application solutions development service

Technical Parameters
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Temperature: -30? to 70?
Output Relay: 4
I/O Interface: 4/4
RS232/RS485: 2/1
Simulate ADC/DAC: 2/0
Wiegand 26 Interface:2
Network Communication: TCP/IP
Memorable Card Information:20,000