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Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • Integrated circuit indicators: Each circuit is equipped with monitoring functions on fire, circuit break and short circuit, respectively..
  • Digital error detection for voltage source: Whenever a voltage error is detected by the system, an error alarm will sound and an indicator will light on.
  • Two-stage alarm delay function to prevent false alarms: When the detector activates for the first time, the system will automatically reset the detector. If another signal is received in a short period.
  • “Self-Reset” mode and “Non Self-Reset” mode are available for operators to set if they want the automatically reset the fire alarm signals after the fire extinction or not.
  • Digital electronic switches are used for dust proofing and a long service life..
  • Many zone circuit configurations are available: 1L, 2L,4L,5L,8L(please contact us for other configurations)
  • Housed in fireproof ABS enclosure.