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Product description
PC-110 is a compact size of Mifare access controller, which can serve as a stand alone contactless access controller with ability of learning maximum 64 cards as legal cards for access or arm/disarming the security system or opening the doors or gate.

•Low cost with effective performance.
•Compact size for designing in all kinds of products
•64 legal cards can be registered thru simple learning.
•Setting for Access/ Security/ Open-door functions
•No any computer is need.
•With dry contact. (form A relay).

Application field
•Low cost access controller
•Arm / Disarm for security system.
•Door access paired with intercom.
•Any access control applications by Mifare card.

•Dimensions(LxWxH)mm: 94 x 43 x 15
•Net weight:55.5g ?5%
•Supported Tag-ICs: Easy Card, Mifare S50 / S70 and compatible card
•Reading distance: 5~7cm
•Frequency / Modulation: 13.56 MHz
•Power requirement: 8~12 VDC/80mA

How to order
PIMF-C07: Mifare access control module board with antenna
PXMF-C07: Mifare access control module board without antenna
R-17-PP110M2/Coil: Antenna for PXMF-C07
PC-110-0/M0: Mifare access controller(with antenna)

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